Name: ET

Date of Passing: 11/03/22

Message to ET: To our affectionate, furry little boy cat.

Tell us about ET: We remember "finding" you on the internet website Petfinder in 2007. We printed out your profile and went to go see you at the SGV Humane Society. The Officer Susie told us about how you were an office favorite and we were surprised to find you freely roaming the shelter's front desk area, prancing over and around the other cats' cages and letting out not a meow but the softest almost imperceptible squeak when you said hello. You had the name ET because you had had ringworm as a kitten and had lost all your hair but it had grown back, soft and fluffy. Your momma cat was named Barbie and you and your kitty siblings were found living under a van in a junkyard before some kind stranger brought you to the shelter. You LOVED fancy feast, but just the grilled chicken kind, no other flavor would do. Once you settled in with us, your voice got louder and you would greet everyone with a "meep meep!" to say hello. Over the years we loved you so much. You were the best snuggle buddy to your cat sister Minou and a "cat dog" who always came when we called your name and loved sitting on your people's laps. Yes, sometimes you forgot to groom yourself but luckily you had cat sisters who would work overtime to keep you fluffy and clean. You had that seductive stare and we nicknamed you "sexyboy." Your theme song was "I'm Too Sexy" and we laughed at your little vampire teeth and your fluffy tail shaking. You also loved rolling on your back and having your belly scratched. We will miss you everyday ET, fifteen years was not enough. We are sure that Sophie and Nuts are keeping you clean in the great beyond and sadly Officer Susie with SGV Humane Society is there too, though I'm sure she is happy to see you. Till we meet again sweet boy!