Our Veterinarians

Dr. Juliana Lyles

Like many veterinarians, I knew I wanted to be an “animal doctor” from the time I was very young. I worked toward my goal of becoming a veterinarian by receiving my bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Genetics from Iowa State University and my veterinary degree from Mississippi State University, where I also met my husband, William. Over the years, our family grew to include our two children, as well as 2 cats, Ravenclaw and Trika, and a ferret, Luna.

Throughout my veterinary career, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of medical disciplines. I interned at an exotics-only practice, cared for working Clydesdales, racehorses, and even studied animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. I have always respected the bond between pets and their families, including the end of life care they receive. While I was still a young pre-veterinary student, I had to euthanize my beloved 11 year old ferret, and I realized how peaceful and comforting a process this can be when it’s done with the utmost respect and care. When my husband joined the army in 2010, we were relocated to Fayetteville, NC, where I worked at a small animal practice and started working in end of life care.

I quickly realized I had found my passion within veterinary medicine, and knew this would be my life-long career. After my husband completed his military contract in April of 2012, we moved back to my hometown of Chicagoland and I started a veterinary hospice business. Over the years, it has been such an honor to see it grow. The majority of the families we help find us because of a referral from a trusted friend or veterinarian, and it is such a privilege to help those families during this difficult time.

Dr. Kristina Kalivoda

I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in a family that has always valued pets as members of the family. I wasn’t entirely certain I wanted to be a veterinarian, ironically because I wasn’t sure I could handle euthanasia. I received my degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois and then took a year off to work full time in a veterinary clinic as an assistant. We had only ever had dogs growing up, and I didn’t “understand” cats at all, but it was at that clinic that the hospital cat decided to attach himself to me and show me the way.

I attended vet school at the University of Illinois the next year, graduating at the top of my class. While in vet school, I discovered a passion for working with exotic animals, and completed an internship in zoological medicine at Texas A&M University, followed by a residency in avian and exotic animal medicine at Cornell University. I did miss working with dogs and especially cats, and have spent the last few years in practice working with all species.

Along the way, I collected several cats, including my long-haired orange guy Apollo. After moving back to the Chicagoland area, Apollo started to lose weight, vomit, and drink a large amount of water. He was already in severe kidney failure at the age of five. I kept him stable and happy for almost twelve months with intensive hospice care at home. He let me do everything I needed there, but he hated the hospital, so when it came time to say goodbye to him, I decided to let him pass at home. I was so surprised by how peaceful it was for him. I am so honored now to help other families say goodbye to their beloved pets peacefully and with dignity in the comfort of their own homes.

I currently live in the northwest suburbs. I most recently said goodbye to my best buddy Oscar, an amazing brown tabby who saw me through all my schooling. I have a three-legged leopard gecko named Achilles, a cockatiel named Percival (Percy), and my little black cat Imp.

Dr. Karen Gadberry

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs in a pet-loving family. Throughout my life, I have spent countless hours loving and caring for many creatures. I always knew I wanted to give back to animals and decided to turn my love of animals and science into a veterinary career. I graduated from veterinary school at the University of Illinois in 2002 and worked as a general practice veterinarian in the Chicago suburbs for over 15 years before moving into hospice medicine. I also have a Masters in Public Health, with a focus on the spread of animal disease.

During my time in general practice, I found that one of my most important responsibilities is helping owners at the end of their pet’s life. When it was time to euthanize my Sheltie, Gwen, who had been with me since early on in veterinary school, I helped her pass peacefully in our home. I realized how comforting it was for both her and I to allow her to drift away sleeping in her favorite spot. I hope to be able to give that same comfort to other pets and their families by helping provide comfortable end of life care and a peaceful passing in their home.

Dr. Molly O’Brien

I grew up in Des Plaines and had many different pets as a child. I wanted to be a veterinarian from a young age and got my first job at an animal hospital while I was in high school. I received my Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois and my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University. I worked in private practice in the Chicagoland area for 14 years prior to joining this practice.

I currently have a rescued Welsh Terrier named Chewie, and have had to deal with the loss of multiple pets in recent years. Even though I am a veterinarian, I know it can be very hard to lose a special pet and even harder to have to make the decision of when to do it. When that time comes, I think it is nice to have the option to say goodbye at home in a familiar setting. I always want those last moments to be as peaceful as possible for the pet as well as their family. I have always felt it is a special honor to perform euthanasia and hope to provide comfort and compassion during a difficult time.

Our Staff

Victoria, Office Manager

I was born in Rockford, IL, and when I was a little girl, my family moved to a small suburb right outside Chicago. In college, I studied Criminology and Sociology. I always had great interest in those fields, but more-so a deep passion for wanting to help animals. Being a part of helping them and their families at the end of their journey is something really special and dear to me.

My family and I have rescued several furry family members over the years. We have 3 Chihuahua mixes: Daisy, Pepper-Potts Alexis, and Guadalupe. They love car rides to PetSmart, Starbucks for Puppaccinos, visiting friends in the neighborhood, and many other adventures!

In my spare time, I love hanging out with my family, my friends, and our pups. I enjoy reality TV and Lifetime movies (my guilty pleasure!). I can’t forget about National Geographic and Animal Planet; I live for vet shows!

Ivy, Head Care Coordinator

I grew up in Manila, Philippines where my love of animals began early in life before moving to the northwest side of Chicago. My love for animals began when my dad brought home a rescued yellow Lab named JP. JP was a beloved family member for 5 years before passing. Since then, we owned two additional dogs, named JT and JC.

I am currently majoring in Biology and minoring in Microbiology at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL. Before becoming a mom, I spent the majority of my time volunteering at the emergency department at the Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village and as a Biology tutor at Triton College. Outside of work and school, my interests include traveling, finding good breakfast food, hanging out with family and friends, and enjoying being a first-time mom!

Lara, Care Coordinator

I was Southern born and raised, moved to Chicago to venture the city and pursue my degree in Business Management. Growing up, I’ve had a variety of pets: Miniature Horses for 4 H competitions, dogs, a cat, and a cockatiel. I currently have my 4-year-old Husky mix, Asami, who moved up here with me.

I’ve always known I wanted to work with animals, so at a young age, I started working at a small animal practice. I have always had a passion for being able to be there for pets and families in their last moments, and offering my support and compassion. In my spare time, I enjoy binge-watching tv shows on Netflix and Hulu. During the summer, I love being outdoors as much as possible, whether I’m sun-bathing with my dog at the beach or fishing at the Harbor.

Jen, Care Coordinator

I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and found A Gentle Goodbye after doing some soul-searching. I felt the need for meaningful work in my life and found it through helping pet lovers get through one of the hardest experiences. I’m a graduate of DePaul University where I studied English and American Sign Language. In my free time, I enjoy discovering new music, playing video games, and creating makeup by hand. I grew up always having pets in the house—including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

I’m currently cat-mom to an orange and white tabby named Elmo, and a Siamese/Tortie mix named Coconut. I’d love to own and operate a cat sanctuary in the future. In addition, I have five ball pythons, each of different genetic morph: one normal male, a Mojave male, a Lesser/Butter female, a male Banana, and a female Ghost. Each different morph displays unique scale colors and patterns!

Elisa, Care Coordinator

I was born and raised in Des Plaines and moved to Mount Prospect about 2 years ago. I’ve had many different jobs with insurance, social security disability, and property management, but I realized that working with animals is my true passion.

I currently have 2 hedgehogs, an axolotl, a gecko, and a Boston Terrier puppy, Coby. I am also fostering for the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue.

My goal is to finish any schooling that I need to become a veterinary tech to assist with exotic animals.

I enjoy binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix and Hulu and spending time with my family, friends, and pets.