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Here at A Gentle Goodbye, we specialize in hospice care, euthanasia, geriatric care, and quality of life telehealth for your beloved pet in the comfort of your home. We understand how emotional and difficult this time can be, which is why we do everything we can to make you feel comforted and at peace throughout this entire process. If you’re looking for reliable and compassionate end of life care, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

  • Thank you so much! Dr. Heidi is so amazing! She really made this process as comfortable as could be. I appreciate her so much! I love the eulogy for Ranger! She really captured his spirit and personality. ❤ The last few days have been so hard without Ranger. But we are trying really hard to keep him alive in our life by remembering all his little demands. Thank you for everything!!

    LIZ A.
  • We really struggled with the decision and we were so uncertain of when the right time would be. We are so grateful that you were able to help us when we finally decided. Dr. Heidi was very calm and compassionate. We truly believe that Kiki's experience was as beautiful as dying could be. And we're so touched that Dr. Heidi listened so closely and took the time to write this sweet eulogy for Kiki. And thank you so much for being there for us when we needed you. We are so very grateful.

    Holly and Todd
  • I seriously will never forget and will be eternally grateful for all of you. From the conversation on Wednesday morning to the moment that Dr. Kristina gently wrapped Marley in the blanket… we all felt truly taken care of. It is apparent that you all love what you do. You have a deep understanding of what is needed in the moments leading into and throughout the ritual of saying goodbye in a gentle way.

    Karen B. Avatar
    Karen B.
  • Juliana was a true comfort to us and Max yesterday and my wife Kim and I feel blessed that we found out about her service through Terry Animal Hospital. She managed, in difficult circumstances, to combine genuine empathy and kindness with a highly professional approach. Both Kim and I want to express our eternal gratitude to Dr. Juliana for assisting Max and us in our time of need. She made the process so much better than it might have been. We will spread the word about A Gentle Goodbye Veterinary Hospice and its excellent services.

    Lou & Kim Avatar
    Lou & Kim
  • If you ever have the unfortunate experience of having to put down a pet, you should contact A Gentle Goodbye. Everyone who works there is so compassionate, sweet, and understanding. We had to put down my first cat, Gus, when I was 14 years old. It was such a cold and medical process. I had no idea in home services existed, I randomly came across A Gentle Goodbye during my research. I had fears about having it done in my home vs. at the vet. However, the office manager took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. Dr. Juliana was unbelievably amazing. She made the experience so special. Chong was able to say goodbye to his brother. Dr. Juliana really took the time to make sure the entire experience was about Cheech and his comfort.

    Danielle L. Avatar
    Danielle L.
  • I’m very thankful to you and Dr. Liz for guiding me and my family through this difficult decision and process. It was the first time our family was able to say goodbye to a family pet in the comfort our home and in our loving arms. Though it was a very very emotional day, I’m thankful Dr. Liz was able to make it easier on us to say goodbye. I can feel in my heart Stormy found everlasting peace surrounded by her family.

    Bobi S. Avatar
    Bobi S.
  • We felt like we were in very good hands the moment she walked through our door; she seemed to guess how we were feeling and knew just what to say. She treated Jacob with honor and dignity too. It was such a very, very hard thing to do and we still think we hear his footsteps around the house and miss him terribly. But Dr. Kristina made it easier.

    Paula & Griff P. Avatar
    Paula & Griff P.
  • We also want to express our most heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Heidi and Victoria! In a time of such grief, pain, and uncertainty, you both treated us with so much compassion and care. Dr. Heidi was beyond compassionate, patient, and loving to Cinna and our entire family. We felt incredibly fortunate that you were able to accommodate our needs in the face of Cinna’s unexpectedly sudden decline. The piece that she wrote about him was so moving and really captured him and how we felt about him, honoring his memory. While we are continuing to muddle through our grief, we could not have been in better hands, and we are so very grateful for all that you do to end suffering and heal hearts!

    Jessica & Jesse D. Avatar
    Jessica & Jesse D.
  • Thank you to AGentleGoodbye for your kindness in helping us through one of the most difficult times of our lives. A special thanks to Dr. Kristina for her gentle caring presence and knowing patience. Thank you all for getting us through an impossibly difficult situation. We will love and miss our Libby forever.

    Sheryl & Paul S. Avatar
    Sheryl & Paul S.
  • We could not have asked for a more caring group to help us through this agonizing time of saying goodbye to our sweetest boy. Thank you for your understanding as we made/canceled/rescheduled his appointment. I suppose it’s just part of the process of not wanting to let go. I will highly recommend A Gentle Goodbye for anyone facing this situation as it was far less stressful and much more intimate of a process than being at a clinic. I know he was pain free and comfortable, which is all that mattered to us.
    Again, our deepest gratitude for your kindness, patience and smooth process through this time. It is so appreciated.

    Nicole & Rick B. Avatar
    Nicole & Rick B.
  • Thank you so much. Dr. Molly was so wonderful and especially patient with our extra curious big dog! It truly was the perfect way to say goodbye to our dear Renee.

    Lorenza A. Avatar
    Lorenza A.
  • From our family to yours – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. From start to finish – A Gentle Goodbye Team was AWESOME!! Dr. Molly was so compassionate, patient & offered us the time with our beloved Lexi Marie. We had prepared all day but then needed that extra time to process & say our final goodbye. We appreciate the eulogy that was made for us & shared – via Email & in print (received by mail). It will be framed. Dr. Molly’s memory was amazing & spot-on with the things that we shared with her. Great job!

    Martha L. Avatar
    Martha L.
  • Words cannot begin to describe how grateful we are for A Gentle Goodbye and Dr. Kristina. I was a bit nervous about the process but I’ll tell you what…. It was worth every penny to see our sweet lil’ Fen slip away in peace, outside in an area he enjoyed so much. Dr. Kristina was so kind, compassionate and understanding. She explained everything so well and we could tell she felt our pain. Thank you for providing this difficult service. It made the transition for us, and Fen, so much easier. Lauren and I have talked several times about how amazing it was, and how it was the absolute best decision for everyone. Rest assured we will pass your information along to anyone in need. The eulogy is great, thank you for posting it. Please pass our thanks along to Dr. Kristina and let her know how much we appreciate her time, compassion, and kindness.

    Aaron & Lauren Avatar
    Aaron & Lauren
  • Thank you so much for this! I am so impressed with your service. It was truly a peaceful and beautiful passing. My children witnessed their first pet loss and I think both understand/appreciate life even more now. Dr. Kristina was fantastic. Please thank her for me! We appreciate her kind words and compassion. Thank you again for this service. I highly recommend you!

    Pam J. Avatar
    Pam J.
  • You cannot imagine how comforting and reassuring it has been to work with each of you at A Gentle Goodbye. The attention to detail and individualized consideration has meant so much to me and has made the experience a little bit easier…the eulogy, the contribution, the personal note from Dr. Kristina, and more. Dr Kristina could not have been a better match for our family and I will be forever grateful for her knowledge, and her incredible attentiveness and perceptiveness. She has a remarkable gift. I worked with a total of 4 veterinarians at the end of his time, 2 at Med Vet, 1 at VSC, and Dr. Kristina. I wish that the doctors who treat human beings would be so kind, patient, and attentive. You all get it!

    Mirelle Avatar
  • This type of thing is never easy and this weekend has been especially rough. However, your team has made this process as easy as possible as you have provided a wonderful service and been incredibly respectful throughout the entire process. As an understatement, Keena was never a fan of going to the vet. With the ability to let her pass in her favorite place with as little stress as possible, it made everything more tolerable for her and for us. I imagine that this work can be difficult for your team as well, but just know how much of a difference that it made in our lives this weekend.

    Brad S. Avatar
    Brad S.
  • We have all said – over & over – how amazing and kind Dr. Heidi is. We couldn’t have asked for a better or more gentle & loving environment and experience. I wish we could have hugged Dr. Heidi. She truly showed our Bina love as if she were a member of her own family. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover our feelings and gratitude towards her.

    Andrea L. Avatar
    Andrea L.
  • Thank you for what your team does. I cannot imagine letting go of her in any other way than at home with us by her side. You guys truly are angels. While we will grieve for a while, I can have some peace knowing she passed without pain, fear or stress. I don’t know that I would have known it was the right time without Dr Kristina’s visit to evaluate. Dr Heidi’s concern for her well being and the kindness she showed us and Aggie was amazing. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you

    Kendra Avatar
  • Just a quick note to thank you and Dr. Kristina for your kind words about dear Smudge. As I told Dr. Kristina, I was so pleased and grateful for your Gentle Goodbye. Smudge’s last moments were peaceful and relaxing. It was wonderful to not only be at home with him, but to have him in my lap, where he seemed to love to be over the past few weeks.

    Charlotte M. Avatar
    Charlotte M.
  • We cannot say enough about Dr. Heidi. She was incredible and made a difficult decision much more bearable. We are so happy to have found A Gentle Goodbye and truly appreciate everything that you and Dr. Heidi have done.

    Megan B. Avatar
    Megan B.
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