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Here at A Gentle Goodbye, we specialize in hospice care, euthanasia, and geriatric care for your beloved pet in the comfort of your home. We understand how emotional and difficult this time can be, which is why we do everything we can to make you feel comforted and at peace throughout this entire process. If you’re looking for reliable and compassionate end of life care, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

  • Thank you so much! That is so thoughtful of Dr. Molly. We will treasure this. She was very kind, respectful and helpful in every aspect of our family’s gentle goodbye for Riley. We all felt it was just right. Thank you for providing this loving service and this very thoughtful note.

    Pat S. Avatar
    Pat S.
  • This is so beautiful. Thank you so so much...brought some fresh tears to my eyes. I so appreciate your kindness and the sweet, loving nature of the Dr. Kristina. She helped ease my worries about my decision. I hope your whole team stays safe and healthy. Thank you again.

    Jackie Avatar
  • We want to say thank you to every member of A Gentle Goodbye team for your compassion, thoughtfulness, and deep empathy. This was an incredibly hard decision but having you all to walk alongside of us was a true blessing. Please extend my thanks to Dr. Molly. From the moment she walked in and met Charlie, he was totally comfortable. She had a really special presence and was the reassuring, calming guidance my family and I needed. I can't imagine what it's like to do this work, walking with grieving families and being there for painful moments. It takes great fortitude but I am so grateful to all of you who are called to do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Maria S Avatar
    Maria S
  • Thank you so much to you and Dr. Kristina for this incredibly kind note and the beautiful eulogy for Theo. We miss him so much every day, but we take some comfort in knowing how peaceful his last moments were, and that he isn't in pain anymore. His brother, Dennis, is a ray of sunshine in our lives right now, giving us lots of snuggles and reminding us to see the joy in life. We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Kristina and A Gentle Goodbye for helping to ease the pain of such a difficult experience. Thank you again for your support.

    Natalie J. Avatar
    Natalie J.
  • Thank you for the thoughtful email. And thank you for being available for Mandy on Saturday with very short notice. I am so grateful that you helped Mandy have such a peaceful goodbye in her own home. The eulogy was beautifully written and so touching to me. It really described her story and the wonderful bond we shared. Thank you so much for being there for Mandy and me.

    Tim K. Avatar
    Tim K.
  • Thank you so much for all the kindness and compassion that your entire team gave me. Dr. Kristina couldn’t have been more kind and supportive. Also, her help and guidance with my other Golden was spot on and made it much easier on both of us. You all provide the type of euthanasia experience I wish every caretaker and their pet could have.

    Terri K. Avatar
    Terri K.
  • Dr. Liz was so kind and patient. While it was also very tough with the previous dogs, Polo and I were bonded like no other. That, mixed with his young age, made this one especially difficult for me. We truly value the calming experience your team provides.

    Lora Avatar
  • While the experience was certainly a painful one for us- saying goodbye to our sweet boy was heartbreaking- Dr. Karen was a shining light who truly made the experience more bearable. Her compassionate and gentle demeanor helped guide us through a very difficult experience. I cannot thank you all enough for allowing us to send off our good boy with empathy, love, gentleness, and calm. It was an immeasurable gift. Thank you for helping us give him the goodbye he deserved. Hunter was an integral and loved part of our family and changed us all for the better. We are so grateful for the opportunity to give him the loving goodbye he deserved.

    Lorri and Barry H. Avatar
    Lorri and Barry H.
  • I could not imagine a kinder or more compassionate person than Dr. Karen to get us through this situation. This was not an easy decision but she confirmed that it was best for Gabby under the circumstance. Dr Karen gave us the time we needed to talk about Gabby, she was so very gentle with Gabby and very supportive of us and understanding of our needs. We are very grateful to her for making such a difficult time a little easier and so peaceful. The greater the love the greater the grief, Gabby was loved deeply. Thank you for the caring service that you and your staff provide.

    Barbara and Tom N. Avatar
    Barbara and Tom N.
  • "Thank you so much for the caring thoughts. I too felt comforted in knowing Dr. Liz was there with such tenderness. I will pass on your business info to all my friends and neighbors. Bless you"

    Barbara J Avatar
    Barbara J
  • Dr. Kristina was fantastic and certainly helped us get through the loss. Our family can not thank you enough for being there for us, it made a tough day a little better

    Tony B. Avatar
    Tony B.
  • Having Dr Kristina here made this most difficult time confirm that Barley would be in a better place. I am so glad that we were home. You all do an incredible job and it was greatly appreciated.

    Cathy G. Avatar
    Cathy G.
  • Dr. Kristina was amazing and we could not have been happier with her service. Happy is a strange term to use for such an unfortunate event but the compassion and respect she showed for the process does put a smile on my face. These are not easy decisions to make and when I first made the call I was not certain if it was the right course of action. Dr. Kristina helped to add clarity to the vagueness of his condition and we knew this was the right decision for Sam. I was able to rest assured that we knew Sam's story from beginning to end. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for offering this service.

    Matt N. Avatar
    Matt N.
  • Dr. Karen was wonderful. She made sure that the entire process was as comfortable for us as possible.

    Anonymous Avatar
  • Dr. Karen was so great, and made the experience as painless and smooth and soft as it could be. I am so grateful for the merciful service that your doctor angels provide, and will always advocate for people choosing to opt for these last house calls vs. going to a vet’s office. The contrast in comfort for the pets ...and the owners has been quite remarkable in my experiences over the years. Bless you all. Truly. In Gratitude

    Cindy D. Avatar
    Cindy D.
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