“We could not have asked for a more caring group to help us through this agonizing time of saying goodbye to our sweetest boy. Thank you for your understanding as we made/canceled/rescheduled his appointment. I suppose it’s just part of the process of not wanting to let go. I will highly recommend A Gentle Goodbye for anyone facing this situation as it was far less stressful and much more intimate of a process than being at a clinic. I know he was pain free and comfortable, which is all that mattered to us.
Again, our deepest gratitude for your kindness, patience and smooth process through this time. It is so appreciated.” – Nicole and Rick B.

Thank you so very much- Tabitha sure was one of a kind, unlike any pet I’ve ever had! It’s going to be hard but knowing your support is there, is comforting. Thank you for having the biggest hearts of any humans I have ever encountered before. – Anastasia V.

I cannot express how incredible y’all have been throughout this entire experience. From the moment we first spoke until now I have been so impressed and so comforted by your expertise, your kindness, and your gentle guidance through what has been such a tough experience. You have all done such a good job and making saying goodbye to my much beloved pet as tender and as peaceful as possible. I cannot thank you enough, y’all are truly such a gift and a true pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything. – Maggie

Thank you so much! That is so thoughtful of Dr. Molly. We will treasure this. She was very kind, respectful and helpful in every aspect of our family’s gentle goodbye for Riley. We all felt it was just right. Thank you for providing this loving service and this very thoughtful note. – Pat S.

I can’t thank you all enough. You are all absolutely incredible- I can’t imagine how difficult this job must be for you all. It truly was a pleasure meeting Doctor Molly. This was infinitely better for all of us than any other time I have had to travel to our vet to say goodbye to our previous pets. I hope I never have to see you guys again, but if I do I will absolutely use your services and will definitely recommend. – John H.

Thank you so very much for your kindness and support. Under these circumstances, to have people we don’t know be so incredibly gentle and kind to us is truly amazing. Dr. Molly was so calm and kind. She was able to provide comfort to us all during a very painful experience. I am so grateful for the eulogy she composed. It brought my family and I to tears, in a loving way. The fur clippings and paw print were so special, and I never would have thought of that. I am so grateful for everything. Thank you for your kindness and support as well, Ivy. As you said, it definitely feels empty here and I am so terribly sad. I am trying to give my other cat Sebastian lots of love and attention, as he is grieving the loss of his brother as much as we are. Thank you again. I truly appreciate how your team cared for, and supported us during this time. – Melissa

We want to say thank you to every member of A Gentle Goodbye team for your compassion, thoughtfulness, and deep empathy. This was an incredibly hard decision but having you all to walk alongside of us was a true blessing. Please extend my thanks to Dr. Molly. From the moment she walked in and met Charlie, he was totally comfortable. She had a really special presence and was the reassuring, calming guidance my family and I needed. I can’t imagine what it’s like to do this work, walking with grieving families and being there for painful moments. It takes great fortitude but I am so grateful to all of you who are called to do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Maria S.

“We are so grateful that you could help us yesterday. It was a terribly hard thing to do, but being able to do it together in our own home made a huge difference. Painful and sad as it was, it did need to happen and I can’t think of anything that could have been done to make it less stressful for us or Bosley. If only we could treat our humans as well as we treated Bosley!

Bosley has been the best dog in the world and we miss her dearly. But she had lived a good life and a long one for a large dog. We all knew it was time. The house does feel silent, sad and empty but we will survive.

Thank you so much for your say smpathy and understanding and for the beautiful eulogy on your Facebook page.”
Gratefully – Rick and Lois

“At a time when we had to say goodbye to a beloved family member, we treasured the kindness shown by A Gentle Goodbye and, in particular, Dr. Molly. She was patient, she listened to our many stories (as witness the lovely obituary she penned for Opie) and her kindness in ushering Opie across the bridge made it possible for us to see him off and let him escape pain. We thank all of you for being there – especially during this time of COVID-19. As we told Dr. Molly, you are all fighting on the front lines and we salute you. – Kathy R. and Bob B.

“Dr. Molly was so calming and reassuring. Grace seemed to trust her as well. This was a difficult choice made easier by the service you provide.” – Karol L.

“I’m very thankful to you and Dr. Liz for guiding me and my family through this difficult decision and process. It was the first time our family was able to say goodbye to a family pet in the comfort our home and in our loving arms. Though it was a very very emotional day, I’m thankful Dr. Liz was able to make it easier on us to say goodbye. I can feel in my heart Stormy found everlasting peace surrounded by her family.”– Bobi S.

“Thank you so much for this! I am so impressed with your service. It was truly a peaceful and beautiful passing. My children witnessed their first pet loss and I think both understand/appreciate life even more now. Dr. Kristina was fantastic. Please thank her for me! We appreciate her kind words and compassion. Thank you again for this service. I highly recommend you!” – Pam J.

“I can’t thank Dr. Karen enough for her calm, compassionate, and loving demeanor toward both me and my beloved kitty Scout. She made what was an excruciatingly painful situation much easier to bear.”– Gretchen D.

“Thank you so much for all the kindness and compassion that your entire team gave me. Dr. Kristina couldn’t have been more kind and supportive. Also, her help and guidance with my other Golden was spot on and made it much easier on both of us. You all provide the type of euthanasia experience I wish every caretaker and their pet could have.” – Terri K.

“Dr. Liz was so kind and patient. While it was also very tough with the previous dogs, Polo and I were bonded like no other. That, mixed with his young age, made this one especially difficult for me. We truly value the calming experience your team provides.”
– Lora

“I cannot tell you how much we all appreciated Dr. Kristina’s kind, compassionate approach to helping us through the process of helping Augie to pass peacefully. She was not in any kind of hurry and let us move at our own pace. She explained things so well and we have not stopped talking about how glad we all are that we chose your services instead of saying good-bye at Augie’s vet’s office or worse, an ER visit. We will gladly recommend your services to anyone else in our unfortunate circumstance.”
– Kathy

“While the experience was certainly a painful one for us- saying goodbye to our sweet boy was heartbreaking- Dr. Karen was a shining light who truly made the experience more bearable. Her compassionate and gentle demeanor helped guide us through a very difficult experience. I cannot thank you all enough for allowing us to send off our good boy with empathy, love, gentleness, and calm. It was an immeasurable gift. Thank you for helping us give him the goodbye he deserved. Hunter was an integral and loved part of our family and changed us all for the better. We are so grateful for the opportunity to give him the loving goodbye he deserved.” – Lorri and Barry H.

“Dr. Kristina was fantastic and certainly helped us get through the loss. Our family can not thank you enough for being there for us, it made a tough day a little better.” – Tony B.

“I could not have hand picked anyone more caring and capable to assist in Lucy’s graceful and peaceful transition. I am filled with gratitude for having met Dr. Karen. She made a painful and heart breaking experience into one filled with comfort and peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of my sweet Lucy.” – Amy G.

“Dr. Kristina was amazing and we could not have been happier with her service. Happy is a strange term to use for such an unfortunate event but the compassion and respect she showed for the process does put a smile on my face. These are not easy decisions to make and when I first made the call I was not certain if it was the right course of action. Dr. Kristina helped to add clarity to the vagueness of his condition and we knew this was the right decision for Sam. I was able to rest assured that we knew Sam’s story from beginning to end. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for offering this service.” – Matt N.

“We cannot thank you all enough. Dr. Kristina was wonderful and we are grateful to everyone at A Gentle Goodbye. What you are able to offer means so much; Sissy got to be in her family room where she’s always been most comfortable – Carol and Dan T.

“Thank you so much. Dr. Molly was so wonderful and especially patient with our extra curious big dog! It truly was the perfect way to say goodbye to our dear Renee. – Lorenza A.

“It’s hard to imagine a more empathetic and caring team than those at A Gentle Goodbye. From the physician’s visit, to many follow-up emails expressing their compassion and understanding, to our cherished clay paw print, A Gentle Goodbye made getting through one of life’s more difficult times possible. They are a team of true professionals – Kerry H.

“I have been wanting to write and send a note of gratitude to Dr. Kristina personally. We were all so very impressed and appreciative of the warm and intuitive way in which you assisted in Elvis’ final moments. It was more than I could have expected. You captured his nature and spirit so accurately – it was his gift to all that met him.
You are truly angels! – Kris

“From our family to yours – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. From start to finish – A Gentle Goodbye Team was AWESOME!! Dr. Molly was so compassionate, patient & offered us the time with our beloved Lexi Marie. We had prepared all day but then needed that extra time to process & say our final goodbye. We appreciate the eulogy that was made for us & shared – via Email & in print (received by mail). It will be framed. Dr. Molly’s memory was amazing & spot-on with the things that we shared with her. Great job!! – Martha L.

“I am sincerely thankful for the way Dr. Molly O’Brien helped my beloved, extraordinary dog, Wawel, to pass to the spirit world to see again his loving father, who had gone there earlier. First of all, she did so beautifully if only such a word can be used for actions and deeds helping a loved one to die. My magical dog went away completely painlessly by means of sleep! How amazing. I still could kiss his soft, warm face and body, which absolutely didn’t change…Thank you one more time for superbly eliminating pain from this experience. My sincere regards to [The team at A Gentle Goodbye] and Dr. O’Brien. I will always remember your hospice and recommend it wholeheartedly to others. – Mirka

“I don’t think we can thank you and Dr. Molly enough for helping us through this situation. We really appreciate your kindness and sympathy you’ve shown us….it has been one of the hardest things we’ve been through as Elroy was a one of kind precious soul. It is a very quiet and empty feeling with his loving energy gone…one day at a time. Dr. Molly was great and we couldn’t have asked for a better process under such difficult circumstances. She was very genuine and compassionate which helped us through it. I will be sure to recommend you and your team to others who have to go through this process. The eulogy is very thoughtful and we thank you kindly. – Nate and Melissa

“This is so beautiful. Thank you so so much…brought some fresh tears to my eyes. I so appreciate your kindness and the sweet, loving nature of the Dr. Kristina. She helped ease my worries about my decision. I hope your whole team stays safe and healthy. Thank you again. – Jackie

“I cannot thank you enough for sending this message. Buddy was my most special friend. I’ve never loved another animal as much as I loved him. What a heartbreaking and difficult day it was for our family on Monday. Dr. Kristina was so warm and caring and made a horrible day as bearable as anyone could. We are so grateful for her.

The eulogy, of course, made me cry. It also brought me great comfort. It is 100% accurate, and I am so touched that Dr. Kristina took the time to really listen to everything we had to say and then took the time to write this. I will cherish it forever, as well as his paw print we got that day.

Thank you again for reaching out, and please send our appreciation to Dr. Kristina for all she did for us and for making our Buddy Boy comfortable again. – Jennifer

“I wanted to reach out and sincerely thank you all for your compassion, patience, and sympathy in these times. It really helped make a difficult event, that much more comfortable knowing Maximus was in the hands of people who care about him as a being, not a body. My family and I greatly appreciate the eulogy and warmth we have received throughout this entire process. Please thank Dr. Molly for me, and my family, she’s an amazingly kind soul. We greatly appreciated her comforting words and calm presence yesterday. – Enrique R.

“Please thank Dr. Juliana. She’s a lovely, compassionate woman and doctor. I was reassured by her demeanor which I quickly realized was genuine and caring. I will treasure her words about my much loved “little Guy” as we so often called Baby Cat when we weren’t saying the Babe. I miss him dearly each day. Thank you so very much. – Sharon G.

“My husband and I also want to thank Dr. Kristina and your whole team for your incredible compassion shown throughout the whole process. Knowing Ellie passed comfortably, without fear or stress, in her own home and space provides us immeasurable solace. You are all very special people and we simply can’t envision this tough experience could have been made any easier by anyone else. We are forever grateful – Morghan G.

“We were very grateful for the doctor and all of her expertise and kindness. We could not ask for more.” – Julie K.

“We are so glad we used a Gentle Goodbye for Millie’s goodbye. It has been extremely painful but we know it was for the best and can’t thank you enough for making the process as comforting as possible given the circumstances.” – Emily W
“Thank you for the thoughtful email. And thank you for being available for Mandy on Saturday with very short notice. I am so grateful that you helped Mandy have such a peaceful goodbye in her own home. The eulogy was beautifully written and so touching to me. It really described her story and the wonderful bond we shared. Thank you so much for being there for Mandy and me.” – Tim K.

“I could not imagine a kinder or more compassionate person than Dr. Karen to get us through this situation. This was not an easy decision but she confirmed that it was best for Gabby under the circumstance. Dr Karen gave us the time we needed to talk about Gabby, she was so very gentle with Gabby and very supportive of us and understanding of our needs. We are very grateful to her for making such a difficult time a little easier and so peaceful. The greater the love the greater the grief, Gabby was loved deeply. Thank you for the caring service that you and your staff provide.” – Barbara and Tom N.

“Dr. Karen was great. She was compassionate and was able to thoroughly explain the process to us. We will recommend Dr. Karen to our friends and family who may need help in the future.” – Steve H.

“Having Dr Kristina here made this most difficult time confirm that Barley would be in a better place. I am so glad that we were home. You all do an incredible job and it was greatly appreciated.” – Cathy G.

“Dr. Karen was so great, and made the experience as painless and smooth and soft as it could be. I am so grateful for the merciful service that your doctor angels provide, and will always advocate for people choosing to opt for these last house calls vs. going to a vet’s office. The contrast in comfort for the pets …and the owners has been quite remarkable in my experiences over the years. Bless you all. Truly. In Gratitude” – Cindy G.

“Dr. Karen was wonderful. She made sure that the entire process was as comfortable for us as possible.” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much for the caring thoughts. I too felt comforted in knowing Dr. Liz was there with such tenderness. I will pass on your business info to all my friends and neighbors. Bless you” – Barbara J

“We felt like we were in very good hands the moment she walked through our door; she seemed to guess how we were feeling and knew just what to say. She treated Jacob with honor and dignity too. It was such a very, very hard thing to do and we still think we hear his footsteps around the house and miss him terribly. But Dr. Kristina made it easier.” – Paula and Griff P.

“My family and I can’t say enough about Dr. Karen and your organization. What a hard thing to have to do. You all made it so peaceful and graceful. Dr. Karen was amazing. My heart goes out to what you and your team have undertaken as your mission. Just know that what you are doing at a Gentle Goodbye and how you are doing it is having a positive impact on families facing tough decision about their pets.” –  Anonymous

“My thanks to Dr. Karen and to your organization – you make this sad time bearable and a dignified way to say goodbye to a dear companion.” – Irena Z.