An appointment with our team, whether it is a euthanasia, coming to your home to take your deceased pet into our care, or you bringing your deceased pet to us for aftercare, includes these complimentary keepsakes if you wish. These are a clay paw print, lock of your pet’s fur, and a personalized but anonymous eulogy mailed to you as well as posted on our A Gentle Goodbye Facebook page.



When your pet is privately aqua-cremated with our team, you have the choice of a complimentary biodegradable box, or a cherry wood urn with your pet’s name engraved on a metal nameplate.

Biodegradable Box


Cherry Wood Urn with Nameplate


Additional Keepsakes

Fur clipping or whiskers in glass vial

Our compassionate team will carefully clip a lock of your pet’s fur, or whiskers, to be displayed in a small glass vial with a cork stopper, tied with a pawprint ribbon.


Aqua-hearts, Resin with Ashes

Our team will use a small portion of your pet’s ashes, along with glitter and blue coloring to create two beautiful resin heart keepsakes for you in a small organza bag. The hearts are approximately 1.75″ and 1.1″, and the color may vary slightly.


Pawpals® kit

We will carefully make a paw print impression of your pet in our Pawpals® kit, in addition to having your pet’s name engraved on a metal nameplate. If you send us a high-resolution picture, we will also crop it to size, in order to fit it to the Pawpals® kit.


Framed ink paw print

We will make a personalized paw print impression using ink, printed with your pet’s name, that is displayed in a 5″ x 7″ black finished photo frame with a white mat and glass front.


Mini heart pendant necklace containing ashes

We will place a small portion of your pet’s ashes into this stainless steel necklace, with an engraved paw print on it. Heart is approximately 3/8″ in length, and is permanently sealed with glue to keep ashes in place.