Name: Zuzu

Date of Passing: 03/25/2024

Message to Zuzu: You were sent here to mend my broken heart and you did an amazing job, beautifully and gracefully, then you’re mission was complete, time to leave my heart broken once more leaving your little sister Frankie to pick up the pieces. Omgosh this will be interesting!

Tell us about Zuzu: It’s been a week to the day that my baby Zuzu passed. She is my heart mender, my family and my boss! I miss her terribly. She was with our family just short of 13 years. What an amazing girl. So proud of who she is, all the wonder filled memories, watching her swim and love of water! A true Lab, especially that Labatite! Eating until her last breath, rotisserie chicken, her favorite. Zuzy got her name from my favorite movie of all times, It’s A Wonderful Life. There was maybe a second that we thought to name her Bailey, you know for the Bailey family, George Bailey. But the shining star was Zuzu and the significance to her petals, to George’s realization that life would have been so different if he were ne ver born. Those petals. I carried those petals in my soul since July 27, 2011 and I will do so for eternity. Zuzy was diagnosed with lung and mast cell cancer. The ver gave her 4-6 weeks at best. Well, she fought in for 18 weeks! A blessing to love her care for her and give all my attention to her palliative care. It wasn’t easy, very little sleep but so worth it. I slept with her every night to be sure if she needed anything I was there. I believe she stayed as long as she did to teach me how to live without her when she passes. She wasn’t the same, hearing and sight weren’t so good. She wanted alone time more. Didn’t lay with me as much. She was living between worlds and practicing goodbyes. I will always think of our girl whenever I see rotisserie chicken. I hope they have them at the Bridge because I promised her they did. I love you to biscuits my girl. To the big moon and back 11 times infinity plus! Always Remembered Forever! ARF!