Name: Zeus

Dateof Passing: 06/19/2023

Message to Zeus: Zeus was not an easy dog. But he loved his family and he loved them with all the passion he had. He was 6.5 years old when we adopted him from another State and brought him to Illinois. Suspicious at first, he was won over within the hour by a curly bully stick and never looked back. I loved him with all the love I could give to an animal and worked with him, both in training and in play. However, his demons and anxiety were not easily dealt with despite behavioral training interventions, medications, healthy diet, exercise, training, and management; 2 years later we gave him the biggest gift we could give him of a beautiful goodbye with a Gentle Goodby Hospice.

Tell us about Zeus: We found Zeus in a Rescue in Texas and I flew from Illinois to rescue him. He was over six years old at the time and was anxious about leaving the rescue with me. But being a typical male, he was won over by food and then immediately settled in to our life. We decided to keep his name because so much of the rest of his life was changing, and he bonded to me almost immediately. Not a dog to really play with a lot of toys, he loved to play tug with me with one of his favorite stuffed and animals, and actually learned to play fetch. He was ball obsessed and would want to play for hours. I was exhausted. Zeus LOVED food, all food, even lettuce. But I think his favorite food was watermelon. I tried to incorporate fruits and vegetables into his daily diet along with water in his food bowl. Zeus loved me and I loved Zeus. He was my shadow even though he was not a cuddle. I miss you, Zeus.