Name: Zeus

Date of Passing: 04/26/2024

Message to Zeus: "Having a dog will bless you with many of the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst" If love alone could have kept you here you would have lived forever.💙 I feel selfish to say that almost 19 years wasn't long enough, but for me it wasn't. My heart and my home have never felt this empty. On this day heaven gained my angel. Zeus, You were my first dog, my first sidekick, my first best friend, my last childhood pet. We got you when I was 10 and even though you were "the family dog" everyone knew you were just mine from the beginning. You've moved 3 times with me and your favorite spot in each house was wherever I was. You accepted Tommy as a close second if I wasn't home. We brought you everywhere we could and took you on every trip we could sneak you on. You never met a dog too big not to wrestle and hump or a cat that didn't adore you. You weren't a regular Chihuahua, heck you weren't a regular dog. You loved everyone and everything you met with your whole self. I've never met a dog that could pass out as many kisses as you. Stranger or best bud you'd get a sneak attack kiss whether or not you wanted one. You had a goofy tail bounce you greeted anyone with because no one was a danger to you. You only had love in you, so much I don't know how it all fit in there. Your little body was too tired and couldn't hold up your spirit anymore. We did everything we could to keep you as healthy and strong but these last few months were so hard. Letting you go was the hardest decision I've ever had to make but I know you're comfortable and with some of your and my favorites that left us years ago. I know Beans and Celon especially are going to be so happy to see you. Go ahead and have your own margarita and a Mc Double with them when you get to heaven. I can only imagine what trouble you're going to bring with you there. 🌈🤍 I'll talk about you more than anyone will want to hear about you. I'll never stop thinking about how lucky I was to have th

Tell us about Zeus: I was 10 when we brought you home and Mom called you trouble from the very beginning. You did naughty things with a smile on your face. A smile that we always saw to the very end, a smirk knowing you got away with something or life was just too good to keep to yourself. She wanted a big name for you for your big personality, tough name like Zeus. You had so many nicknames mostly Bubby or Bubba, my dad called you Mr. Tinkle. Ann called you Mr. Cafoodles or Zeusy poo, Tom called you Peeboy or LittleMin and you knew every single one of them. You were so tolerant; when I was 10, you let us dress you up in American girl doll clothes and dance you around. We had fashion shows with you and the cats, sang songs to you in pitches you had to join into. You played so gentle with us unlike your actual sister, Moody haha. You were the only one she ever played with because there was not another dog in this world she could put up with. When you were a pup you let Cealy drag you around the house by your scruff and clean you and cuddle in beds and cat towers. We really thought you were under the impression you were part cat. Every animal we ever had loved you because you were so fun and so silly you knew how to adapt to any of their personalities and how each of them liked to play and be loved on. Jose, your water therapy man misses you so much and we will still cry and talk about you every Friday morning at your 9:45 appointment. I'm not sure your little assistant/ boyfriend Tito will like one of your brothers taking your spot because the encouragement kisses won't be the same in the tank. You loved your little toys. The smaller the plushie, the better. Sometimes you greeted us with your toys just because you wanted to be chased around and show it off, we couldn't get it but you wanted us to know you had it. You were such a silly dog. You loved vacations, there was never a place that wasn't home as long as I was there. We took you camping almost every weekend in the summers and you and your sister used to lay in your beds in the sun and bask in the good life. We'd have to put sunscreen on your ears and head so that you guys didn't burn. We couldn't have ever asked for a better road trip companion, whether it be Wisconsin, Indiana, Colorado or Arizona, there was never a car ride too long. As long as you were going somewhere where the sun was on you, the trip was ideal. We even snuck you into water park hotels so that we could bring you with on every trip. Vacations won't feel the same without you. Even though Guru and Gator were 15 to 20 times your size you had them in line. You knew who the favorite was and who could get away with anything. As a groomer I've met hundreds of chihuahuas and there was never one like you that was so sweet in every way and so quiet. The only typical Chihuahua that was in you was when you were eating and the boys got too close you would give them the "teef" all four of them especially your front little bucky tooth, and they knew you meant business. They miss you a lot. They look for you, in your usual beds, and they're still careful getting on and off the furniture to make sure you're not tucked away in a blanket. Bo Kitty misses his day time cuddle buddy, the beds aren't as warm without you. We miss you so much. (It was hard to pick few pictures from almost 19 years with the most amazing dog so here's our first picture together and our last💙)