Name: Winnie

Date of Passing: 04/14/2024

Message to Winnie: To my sweet love Winnie, you brought so much joy and unconditional love to our lives. We miss your excited hellos when we return home, your happy doggie smile and your sweet cuddles. We hope your days in doggie heaven are filled with endless treats, chasing tennis balls, swimming in the lake, and enjoying freshly fallen snow. We will love you forever.

Tell us about Winnie: The month my husband and I were married, we got Winnie when she was only 12 weeks old. She was my first puppy and our first “baby”. She was the sweetest girl from those first days until she passed at 12 years old. In her younger years in the city, she loved going to the dog park and swimming at the dog beach. She was our little kid when we lived there. She would take the bus to doggy daycare, and she had lots of friends in the neighborhood. We moved to the suburbs when she was four and her human brother was one. She would let him climb all over her and he affectionately named her “Wa-Wa”. She loved her new backyard, and she would chase squirrels and guard us by the gate. A year later her human little sister arrived. Her sister also loved her very much and she would try to brush Winnie’s hair and dress her up. Winnie would politely decline. She was so patient and gentle with her human siblings, and we couldn’t have had a better family dog. Winnie was always in good health, but she had issues with her ACLs in her hind legs. She had surgery and pain management for those, but in her final months she was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right front leg, and it eventually took its toll. Growing up, I had always wanted a dog and it never worked out until I got Winnie. I would always tell her “I’ve waited my whole life for you”. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our sweet girl, who was such a big part of our family and our hearts. We miss her very much and we are so thankful for the years we spent with her.