Date of Passing: 01/18/2023

Message to Wiggles: Wiggles was a gentle, kind, caring, and loving pup. You will be missed baby girl.

Tell us about Wiggles: So my best friend got Wiggles as a puppy. At first she was scared of everyone but him and his mom. It took me 3 months of building rapport and trust before she’d let me pet her. After my friend bought his own house I moved into the extra room and bought my dog Kerry. Wiggles and Kerry were not only sisters but best friends. This was obvious as Wiggles even taught Kerry how to pee on grass! Literally! I still laugh bc that was the start of their communication! Wiggles loved squeaky toys as a pup. Always so gentle. Toys multiplied in the house bc they were loved and treasured and played with ever so carefully! Wiggles was a true 0-60 dog. Outside she could run and jump with such grace. She could turn on a dime! Inside she was a great nap partner! One time her cousins Rex and Wrigley jumped the fence. Wiggles always the rule follower stayed sitting at the fence as her cousins had quite the day swimming in the Fox River before being found. Wiggles could have scaled the fence just as easy but she followed the rules. The one time Wiggles got off leash my friend was walking her. He slipped on black ice hit his head. The leash shot at Wiggles scared her and off she went! Afraid he lost her Wiggles was found waiting at the front door of his house about a mile away to be let in. She wasn’t even a year old yet! When she got excited Wiggles would wiggle from neck to tail fill on!! Inside the house Wiggles was always up for a nap and cuddle. For years she wouldn’t sleep until the covers were on her! 7 years ago my friend had to regime her. I loved having her back in my life daily! So did Kerry! The two of them communicated. They would alert myself, my dad, or my mom to the needs of the other dog. They wouldn’t stop barking till the others needs were met. When either dog was injured both remained together in the kitchen sleeping rather than upstairs with humans in bed. It was more important to be together than sleep in a bed. When one went to the groomer or vet the one left behind would walk up to the one coming home to give kisses and make sure the other was ok. Wiggles quickly became my Mom’s shadow! My favorite was the nightly ritual that Wiggles had full control of. 7:30-8 was bed time. Wiggles would bark until my mom got in her pajamas. That barking would cease until Wiggles got tired of my Mom playing games and not taking bed seriously enough. She would start the barking up again around 8:30 at that point Wiggles felt my should be in bed with her! Barking would cease until 9. But at 9 Wiggles expected the lights off and phone put away bc we were past her bed time! Once all that was done Wiggles was satisfied and slept the rest the night and if my Mom tried to sneak out of bed or make a phone call the barking started up! Wiggles had so many she loved in her life. To go from a dog who was scared of everyone to a dog who loved all showed that heart Wiggles had. However outside of my Mom, Dad, and I only a handful of ppl were in her most inner circle. They included Katie, Mary, Drew, Marsha, and Peter. All I had to do was say we were going to see them or her other dog friends Tommy, Toby, or Mac and she was ready to go! For Katie she used to go right up to her door and sit there waiting for Katie to let her in to cuddle. They had quite a great bond! Wiggles was a dog with a big heart and she knew how to use it. She loved going to youth group with me and loved her crazy high school teens! When Tony (the youth leader) would pray to long Wiggles would start with a look. It was the same look she gave my mom before bed time barking started so I always knew to take her outside just before her barking would interrupt Tony’s prayers! She had a nickname as the ghost around the house too! She would walk so quietly you’d never hear her and then there she’d be! If she’d been napping first she’d get up carefully walking with the blanket still on her to her new location! When we moved to a golf course in the summer she loved barking the golf carts away from the house and then she’d turn with pride as the golf carts raced away in her mind bc of her barking! I’m going to miss my crazy, sweet, goofy, and loving girl, but I’m grateful for the time she was in my life. I’m grateful my friend chose me to have her when he had to regime her. Love you Wiggles always will!!