Name: Walker

Date of Passing: 06/08/2024

Message to Walker: The bestest good boy we have ever known.

Tell us about Walker: Walker, or as he was fostered under “Luke Sky Walker” came to us as a birthday gift to myself but turned out to be my husband (Jim) best friend. Being raised by cats Walker never knew he was a 104 lb dog and was just a bit too big for sitting on mom’s lap. Despite his size he was a gentle giant.

He loved everything and everyone and would actually stop and smell the flowers. The 11 years we got to spend with him were never enough. Up until his last moments Walker loved to sleep on his spot on the couch and had the cutest sleep barks. There’s not enough time in the day for us to express our love for him and all we can do is hope he was so very loved. Our buddy was here for a good time but not a long time.