Name: Tyne

Date of Passing: 12/06/2023

Message to Tyne: Tyne you will be missed, you were loved by everyone who met you. May you no longer be in pain and reunite with your best friend Sproetje as you cross the rainbow bridge.

Tell us about Tyne: Tyne, a racing greyhound rescue, was adopted by our niece and her boys. Tyne came to live with us when our niece and her boys moved in for a time. Tyne bonded with the other dogs in the house. Sproetje, Duiveltje and Moppie became her pack. When our niece moved out, she did not have the heart to take Tyne away from her newfound friends, so with heavy hearts, but hearts full of love for Tyne, our niece let her stay in our care. When Tyne first came to live with us she did not know how to play with the other dogs, chew a bone or any of the things you think about a dog doing. Over time, with her packs’ help, she opened up and became a fun, playful and loving dog. Our veterinarian enjoyed her visits as Tyne was the only greyhound who would lick her with affection. Tyne would ‘steal’ minions and snuggle with them, as she was a stuffed animal hoarder. It was one of her most endearing traits. She was 11 years old when she crossed the rainbow bridge, and she will be forever in our hearts.