Name: Twix

Date of Passing: 05/18/2023

Message to Twix: You just have no idea how much everyone loved you. Everyone already misses being greeted at the door, it's already so different and so quiet without you. Everyone misses your hugs and kisses, and more importantly, the love you gave! Oreo said, wherever you are, please don't be hogging "all of the bed space!!!" You're the greatest pup for being by anyone's side! Especially when the weather was cold, heating up the area like there's no tomorrow!

Tell us about Twix: Born November 10, 2012 We got Twix on Christmas Eve 2012, she has always been goofy and rambunctious since day 1 all the way till the very end. Just when you thought she finally calmed down from puppy days, you were proven "wrong" time, and time...... AND time again! Over the years, since the beginning, she never really grew up, she "just grew" and thanks to that, there hasn't been a single day of sadness, and we never regretted her puppy rambunctiousness! She also loved to be carried, even at 60lbs, she always tried her best to be more than just a lap dog. She was highly intelligent, almost every trick in the book, but beyond that was a very active, social, very beautiful girl that was highly addicted to any human companion, making her the worst guard dog anyone can have! Despite Twix's highly independence behaviors, she gave and received lots of love from many various people, which includes but not limited to being extremely spoiled, babied, and active. Twix wasn't just family, there are no words that describes the unconditional love, sweetness, and affection relationships shared between not just the immediate family, but her entire surroundings! Twix was and always will be so awesome that she puts a smile on everyone's face, even to those that least expected it! Twix was such a curious pup, getting her nose in just about "anything & everything!" It didn't matter what it was & where it came from, the slightest noise was more than enough to attract her attention! From simple hide & seek, to hearing live crabs moving, smelling cooked lobsters, Jordan Shoes that were just delivered, to smelling your entire body the minute you walked in the door! Once curiosity and greetings were done, next was playtime! Smashing her box of toys looking for her absolute favorite, bringing it to you in a matter of seconds! Twix always outplayed everyone, and when that time came, she would continue to play on her own! Everyone always tried to ensure this rarely happened - it was a challenge, a challenge that even the fittest of friends failed at! Twix was a beast at playing! Twix loved everything, she loved playing the minute you walked in the door, to sleeping and cuddling the moment she got worn out. She loved going out, visiting her favorite stores, sticking her nose again in just about everything! She loved people so much that she somewhat failed training due to her addiction of wanting to play with her human buddies, which unfortunately was literally everyone! Food and treats were always second to humans! Hard work and training paid off, Twix was the silliest, craziest boxer I've ever known! Despite being house broken, she never tore anything apart, and outside of being the worst guard dog, Twix was the absolute epitome of what a boxer truly is, "very sweet, intelligent, outgoing, curious, & above all else, VERY LOVING!!!" I don't think there will be a day that we won't think of you, we will forever LOVE Twix the Pup! And can't wait for the day we meet again!