Name: Tuna

Date of Passing: 02/06/2023

Message to Tuna: Tuna was our family dog for a little over 5 years. We wish he would have had 5 more years because he was the greatest, sweetest dog. Tuna battled a disease most of his life but you would never know it by his demeanor and ability to bring make us feel like we were the most special people in the world.

Tell us about Tuna: Tuna came to us from the island of Aruba as he was born on the streets of that beautiful island. He hated the cold so we would frequent Hilton Head Island every year and he would thrive in a warmer environment. He loved to suck up the sun in Hilton Head and Chicago once the summer hit in AUGUST. It wasn't uncommon for Tuna to be sitting by the backdoor asking to go out and bask in the summer sun.