Name: Town

Date of Passing: 04/17/2024

Message to Town: Goodbye crazy buddy. You are forever in our hearts. We love you and miss you so, so much. You brought so much joy into our lives!

Tell us about Town: 10 years ago we met Town at a Greyhounds Only Meet-n-Greet. He immediately snuggled up to us and we became fast friends, though he was already pledged to another adopter. The next day we got a call to say they didn't pass their review and asked us if we wanted him. "YES!!" we said and he enriched our lives ever since. Around strangers Town was wary and quiet, a true Velcro dog. But at home his true personality came out. He was a crazy, joyful boy, running zoomies, hip checking us as we walked, tail spinning out of control. He loved chasing squirrels, peanut butter, chomping on Greenies & jerky treats, but most of all napping. He wasn't a fast racer but he was the greatest in his dreams. When asleep his legs would run - the faster they moved and the quicker the breath told us he was close to catching his rabbit. He didn't know how big he was, and would take up all the room on our bed. He loved kisses and snuggles and ear scratches. He was the best boy a family could have. We miss you, buddy!