Name: Toodles

Date of Passing: 03/24/2024

Message to Toodles: We’ll miss you forever, Toodles. You were a good, faithful friend.

Tell us about Toodles: It was just a series of coincidences that brought Toodles to us. We volunteered at an adoption event at Chicago Animal Care and Control; the shelter was so overcrowded that it was staging a ‘Pittie Party’ in an effort to find homes for its many pit bulls. I was assigned as Toodles’ handler and another volunteer would handle the adoption paperwork. My husband was on the other side of the building; by the end of the day many had walked past Toodles, but found her lacking: ‘too small…too lively…I don’t want a white dog.’ Each person who stopped was treated to tail wags, hand licks and a big pittie smile. But no takers. And she was out of time and would be euthanized along with several others who were not adopted. I ran to my husband’s location and pulled him to the other side of the building where Toodles was heading back to her kennel. He stooped down, held her face in his hands while she stared up at him-nope, she’s coming with us.

And she did. And she stayed with us for 14 years, beating cancer, canine vestibular disorder and a wonky thyroid. Toodles was her name at the shelter and Toodles she remained.