Name: Toby

Date of Passing: 07/13/2022

Message to Toby: Toby was a true companion-my heart dog-I know he is in a better place with no suffering-running free again-you took a part of me with when you left but I know we will meet again at the bridge-run free my sweet boy!

Tell us about Toby: I adopted Toby from a shelter-he was about 2 1/2-I am not sure how I got his name-it just came to me and seemed to fit him. He was always up to try anything-loved to swim, walk, be with people but his favorite was Nosework-it was his “job”-we searched many things-a plane, an old prison-he was so good at it-I just loved spending time with him-we even did a few searches the Sunday before he passed-he was my guardian and very best friend-I have an emptiness but I am sure he is doing Nosework over the bridge-and his pain and heart problems are gone.