Name: Tippi

Date of Passing: 05/01/2023

Message to Tippi: Tippi- my sweet little angel. You will always be the best running partner, best friend and best cuddler. I adored you from day one and knew you would love being a house dog, copilot, and my lil princess. Your love, loyalty, protection, friendship and overall love for your stuffed animals will always stay close to my heart. I miss you so much already and miss the routine we had. My house work and yard work is going to be so boring without you constantly getting in my armpit and reminding me to take a break to cuddle and pet you. Who is going to bark at the ducks and birds that fly over? Who is going to chase the bunnies out of the yard but also guard the new born bunnies in the hill? Every thunderstorm I will miss you - miss you needing to cuddle close and have me sing 'Soft Kitty'- your favorite soothing song. From the moment I found you I knew you were special and were meant for me. I love you and I miss you. This house seems so quiet and empty without you. I love you Tippi and you will forever be a huge piece of my heart. ...Until we meet again, my princess, mama loves you.

Tell us about Tippi: Tippi was a 'Free Dog' on Craigs List and I knew the moment I saw her that she was going to come home with me. Tippi was her name when I got her and I didn't change it. It seemed to fit her with her white tippie toes and her white tip on her tail. So Tippi it was! She was my copilot and traveled with me all the time and to several states. She was great at knowing when it was time to stop for a snack and when it was time to stop and stretch our legs. And she didn't mind we singing at the top of my lungs! She loved her stuffed animals, her orthopedic pet beds, treats and cuddle time. But, most of all she loved being on the couch with me which didn't start until about four years into having her. I got her because I wanted a running partner and she was the perfect fit! She was always ready to go! She was well trained, well mannered and loved all dogs. She loved showing off her stuffed animals when we went for walks and never left the house without one. She was spoiled and was the only reason I went to Starbucks - she loved her pup cups! And she loved my homemade treats, frozen watermelon and cooked carrots.