Name: Tinkerbell

Date of Passing: 12/08/2022

Message to Tinkerbell: Tinkerbell.....my second child. I planned our lives around that furry daughter. We planned vacations that we could take her with, based on pet friendly websites. Finally we got a seasonal campsite with a trailer to take us all to on long weekends. She knew what "we're going camping " meant. And she loved it. She camped, and she went to Florida, and the Smokey Mountains and all thru the Dakotas with us. She had a wonderful life I think.

Tell us about Tinkerbell: I was tricked into thinking my Tinkerbell was from a rescue shelter, but was actually from a pet store. I still feel I rescued that little girl. She had little hairs sticking out of her as a puppy that looked like feathers. She looked like a fairy....why we named our beloved, Tinkerbell. One of the best things that happened in our lives besides my daughter. I love what you did for us. Thank you again❤