Name: Tiger

Date of Passing: 08/11/2023

Message to Tiger: Tiger was the best dog, and one that was with me the longest - 15 years. He truly saw it all, but he always weathered the storm. He was never a “cuddler,” but he always loved to be just close enough so you knew he was there. He was definitely a gentle giant. We will miss him so much.

Tell us about Tiger: Tiger got his name for being stripey! We found him at a shelter in Alabama and drove over from Atlanta to adopt him. He was all of 11 pounds. We were a little nervous that big sister Seven wouldn’t take to him. But, she immediately treated him like her baby. She was so protective, and they were inseparable for those 12+ years they had each other. I know they’re happy to be together again, as much as it pains us to be without them.