Name: Teddy

Date of Passing: 01/15/2024

Message to Teddy: Teddy was the sweetest boy ever he was stubborn but always wanted to please me even if he wasn’t sure it was a good idea..lol. When I would brush him at first he would run away I guess he had a minute to think about it and decided it felt good and came back for more when we lived in Florida I would brush him outside on the lanai he would lay down and fall asleep.

We moved to Illinois to be near family of course the first people I met are the dog owners/walkers everyone commented on what a beautiful dog Teddy was. I met this one lady when we first moved in she had lost her dog due to illness and recently adopted another his name is Sebastian he is small but mighty his owner said she wish he would not bark at everyone or other dogs she hoped if we walked Sebastian and Teddy together he would learn, she was correct!! Teddy made a best friend and he enjoyed being the ‘big dog’ we would often walk the dogs together and Sebastian was not barking. Teddy knew where Sebastian lived and would often look for him when we were out walking he was so smart and so sweet.

Teddy was the best dog ever he loved outside and loved our morning walks together people often said Teddy looked like a show dog he pranced when he walked. I am totally lost without Teddy our home feels so empty I keep looking for him I know he is running and jumping on the rainbow bridge he is no longer in pain. Thank you for the beautiful eulogy and how caring and compassionate Dr. Sam was.

Tell us about Teddy: We adopted Teddy from someone in our community unfortunately his original owners could no longer care for him due to health issues. When we adopted Teddy when I would take him out for a walk people would stop us and ask is that Teddy? All of his old neighbors knew him and recognized him when I was walking him.