Date of Passing: 01/10/2023

Message to Teddy: We have had many dogs, but Teddy was extra special. He loved fully and wanted nothing more than to spread joy in our home (well, that and eat!). When we were having a bad or stressful day - Teddy took that away with his soulful eyes, warm licks or playful push on our legs with a favorite toy saying "let's play". He truly was a wonderful dog and family member who made every day better. We miss him beyond words.

Tell us about Teddy: While Teddy was the ultimate great host who greeted every guest with one of his toys, he also could be mischievous. He particularly loved stealing bras out of drawers, dirty clothes hampers or open suitcases. Once when I had a landscaper coming over to meet with me, behind my back Teddy found a lacy bra so when I opened the door he ran out and proceeded to parade around our yard while the landscaper and a very embarrassed me chased him. We always said Teddy would have made a great Fraternity Dog.