Name: Teagen

Date of Passing: 10/04/23

Message to Teagen: Teagan was a lovable dog. She definitely had a mind of her own, but she loved both of us and we loved her. She was loved by everyone in are family, and anyone that came to our house, she would somehow, managed to get them to love her too. As much as we didn't want her to go, because we are going to miss her here. We know she is no longer is in pain, and is running with all the dogs we had before her, that have left us for the other side.

Tell us about Teagen: Laura wanted to get me a dog, and she thought a Westie would be what I wanted. So, we went to the Pet Store, and looked at one. I did not think it liked me but liked her more. So, we got it for her. Then she surprised me a couple of weeks later with a Welsh Corgi (my dad had gotten one when we were kids for my mom, and I always like them). we toke to each other right away. We gave her the name Teagan, because when we look for a name for a dog, we try to pick one from where they came from. Which in Welsh means “Loved One.” She was still a puppy when we got her, and I never saw a dog grow longer instead of taller. She did have a mind of her own, when she wanted attention, she would come to you, other than that she would go her own way. At night before we went to sleep, she would jump up on the bed, and I would pet her for about 5 minutes, and she would say “That’s enough” then jump off the bed and go to her little tent we setup for her in the closet. When I would go to work, she knew when I came home and would wait by the door. If I were late, she would wait by the door, as if to make sure I can home Okay, and then sometimes she would walk away as if she were mad at me for coming home late. When me and my wife would go separate ways in the house, my wife would be in the living room, and I would go to my office. Teagan would follow me, make sure I was settled, and then she would go back and check on my wife, then lay between us in the hallway as if to make sure she can keep an eye on us, to make sure we were both safe.