Name: Tanner

Date of Passing: 11/11/2022

Message to Tanner: Tanner was a little guy with a big personality. He'd always greet us with a smile on his face and never passed up an opportunity for sneak in a quick lick of a bare leg or toe. We'll miss your smile, your cuddles, and even your kisses.

Tell us about Tanner: We adopted Tanner to be a little brother to Rocky, except neither really wanted a brother at first. Despite both wanting to be an only dog, they learned to appreciate each other's company and always seemed to follow one another. Tanner loved playing hide-and-go-seek, a game his brother taught him. His favorite thing in life was our daily walks and all the smells along the way. Always one to join in for a good nap, he was an excellent cuddle buddy and great companion to our family.