Name: Tangie

Date of Passing: 03/24/2023

Message to Tangie: I love you Tangie. You gave us all you had to the end. 14 years was more than we could have hoped for. And life will never feel the same without you by my side. Rescuing you was the best decision ever, we could have never hoped for a better friend. Planning trips to Montana or Colorado were always planned with you in mind. Our walks together, always exploring new places are now over, and i feel so sad and wonder if i will ever be able to go our special places again. The pain we are all feeling is because of the amazing dog you were, always up for anything, always kind and we were always proud to take you anywhere! You will never, ever be forgotten.

Tell us about Tangie: We rescued from a shelter that rescued her as a puppy as she was scheduled to be euthanized They gave her the name and it just stuck. Most people called her Tangie Girl