Name: Tammy

Date of Passing: 01/13/2024

Message to Tammy: Tammy, your pawrents miss you. We know Lui is showing you around up above.. WELL HE BETTER!

Lui, watch over your sister like how you did while you were here. Miss you too Lui.

Tell us about Tammy: Tammy (and Lui) were a package deal that came with the love of my life. I never really had pets besides my brothers and sister (almost same same however!).

So when it came time that we all lived together there were some growing pains.

"No cats in our room! "No cats on the couch!" "This cat hair is everywhere!"

But you guys know how cats are. They kind of beat you down. Very soon, "okay fine, they can sleep with us on the bed."

A slippery slope that was!

Time passes, I find myself having conversations with Tammy (and Lui). She would look at me like she didn't understand but that was a trick.

"Tammy you better pick up around here!! >:("


"Hey leave her alone! She doesn't know what you're saying!!"

"meow >;)"

"Yeah she does!! You hear her? She's mocking me!"

The cats for sure grew on me. I am glad to have known them, because they enriched our lives with their love.