Name: Sunny

Date of Passing: April 22, 2022

Message to Sunny:Sunny. Always present when people were around, she often sat with the dog, acting as if she herself was a dog, responsible for her pup. Sunny was thought to be 17.

Tell us about Sunny: Sunny loved Temptations and just about any treat. She also loved small portions of chicken and pork from our table (as a treat). She also loved sweets. If you came to sit by her with a piece of pie or a cookie, she would meow relentlessly for some. We gave her mostly what she wanted during her last years because we didn't want to deprive her of any treats. We adopted Sunny from the Buddy Foundation.

She picked us, she meowed at my daughter when we looked in her kennel at Petco (the Buddy Foundation was at Petco for an adoption event). She loved to be outside and to eat grass. She loved to eat spiders when she was mobile. She was a lap cat, even when she wasn't mobile and could not jump up herself, she would lay on our laps for hours.

She loved to play in her younger years. There were times when she would grab a package of yarn that I had laying around and she would play with it overnight. We would wake up with yarn strewn all over the house, from room to room. You could tells he was having a good time.

My sweet girl Sunny was a trooper. She had mobility issues for the last few years of her life but never lost her spirit. She was determined to get around and would scoot around using her body. If we were to put her on one of our beds, she would throw herself off the bed if she didn't want to be there and we'd find her meowing in the hallway! We called it a "Houdini" because we would try to barricade the bed with pillows and stuff so she wouldn't fall off the bed, and she would somehow get around them and "plunk" on the floor. Ha, Ha. We were told a few years ago it may be time to put Sunny to rest, but we weren't having it and neither was she. She was happy, not in pain, meowing, purring, attentive, loving and we are so grateful that we did not take that advice at the time. We miss her horribly...the only comfort I have is that she was sent to heaven at home.