Name: Stella

Date of Passing: 06/09/2024

Message to Stella: Goodbye, sweet Stella.

Tell us about Stella: Stella came to my wife as a kitten in the alley of our Albany Park condo in 2007. My wife fed her under a car in the rain. A few weeks later, she returned with a litter of 3 kittens... she was barely out of kittendom herself. From this experience, we learned about TNR: Trap, Neuter, Release. We trapped her first, then her sons and had them all spay/neutered. She and her son Toby became our feral colony on our deck in Chicago. In 2011, we moved to Elmhurst, and we took our colony with us. She adjusted well to suburban life, but still kept the feral tendency to not let us pet her. After her son Toby passed, she made the decision to come inside our house. After a week or two, she left her feral life completely behind and became the most snuggly, clingy cat we've ever known. Finally in 2024, we knew her time had finally come. With the help of Dr. Heidi, Stella was able to pass in the comfort of our home with us by her side. We take solace in knowing that we gave her the best possible life she could have had... and the best life she CHOSE to have. She truly led 9 lives... kitten, alley cat, feral, mother, and finally companion pet. We are so grateful that she spent her 9 lives with us.