Name: Stella

Date of Passing: 05/01/2022

Message to Stella: Stella was my big spoon! <3

Tell us about Stella: Stella joined our family March of 2015. She was not the dog we came to see at the rescue, but was the one that stole our hearts. Our journey was not always an easy one as Stella decided after a few year in that she liked people more than pet siblings. Still we did not give up on her. We adjusted our lives loving both dogs during individual times. We went through mast cell cancer with Stella & near her end she was helping me through my cancer. Stella suffered an injury that resulted in an amputation of her leg in March 2022. Shortly after she struggled holding food down and started declining quickly. After seeing several specialists it was determined she had a long stricture in her esophagus. Possible cancer. She had already tired of testing and we knew the compassionate thing to do was allow her to finally rest. On 4/30/22 we surrounded her with the love of the individuals that chose her to join our family 7 years prior. On 5/1/22 we surrounded once again with Dr. Molly and whispered we love you as she passed. The compassionate response does not dull the pain of goodbye, but the love shared during life makes the heartache worth it. I miss my big spoon cuddles! If love alone could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Until we meet again my Stella Girl I will carry you in my heart. ♥