Name: Spike

Date of Passing: 04/24/2022

Message to Spike:Spike was loved by many but he only loved a few. If you were lucky enough to get in his bubble, you were the chosen. He'll be missed for a lifetime <3

Tell us about Spike:Spike was our first baby together, he came from a lady who rescued a mama w kittens & needed to find them homes. We brought him home in a cardboard box. He got his name because all his fur was spiked up. We knew he was going to be long haired and fluffy! In the beginning his favorite things were sleeping in between us in bed on his back, chirping at the squirrels in the window & attacking our feet when he wanted attention. He loved food time, and it showed in his waistline, he was up to 25lbs at one point. His favorite toy was sparkly holiday ribbon. He would find our wrapping paper & dig out the ribbon to play with. He came along for all six times we moved since 2006. He was the biggest brother to Carbon, Gooter, Cheesepuff, Tater & Pixel. He was the voiceterous one in the group, letting us know when it was time to feed or when he needed attention. In his last few years, he loved sleeping at my feet, going on strolls in his cat stroller & making sure if I was working he was on my lap.