Name: Sophie

Date of Passing: 01/24/2024

Message to Sophie: Sophie's unconditional love, companionship, and loyalty for me, and my family will be part of our lives forever. Until we meet again sweet girl.

Tell us about Sophie: Sophie was an 8 week old shelter dog from down south that we picked off of a website for Wrightway rescue. When you do so, they transfer the dog to the local facility. And of course you know the rest. You fall in love immediately. Her shelter name was Cherry but my daughter renamed her Sophie. Sophie was very stubborn and gave me a run for my money with training. Eventually we all settled in with each other and made an agreement that worked for 15 years. She loved me and my family and loved our life routine. Is walks every day, Young kids growing up with her, weekends at our cabin on the lake. She loved her ability to run free there. We couldn't even think of going in the boat or for a golf cart ride without having her with us. Or she would run the shoreline or the road alongside us the whole time. She was constantly in the water. Even if it was early spring right as the ice was melting or late fall as the snow would fly, Sophie would be in the water. She enjoyed her last swim right before Thanksgiving, against my wishes, but she insisted. And even though everything was difficult for her last month she also insisted we take our regular walk in the country which was one mile. The same walk that she has been unable to do for almost a year.

We have so many wonderful memories that we will cherish forever.