Name: Skylar

Date of Passing: 01/16/2024

Message to Skylar: In loving memory of Skylar. Skylar was a Golden Retriever who embodied everything you expect from a Golden Retriever. She was adopted from Good as Gold rescue after her first home was unable to care for her. We were lucky to give her a home that loves Golden Retrievers. Skylar was a very social dog who loved people, treats and playing with toys. Like many Retrievers, Skylar loved to play fetch especially her balls that light up when she played with them.

Skylar also enjoyed playing with her duck toy. Skylar and Jewel the other Golden in the home were like two peas in a pod. Though they were not related, they had the same behaviors, even down to sleeping positions. When Skylar was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor, we did everything we could.

Skylar was a trooper through her treatment and did not mind the shots that came with it; she loved the attention. Unfortunately, the cancer came back despite the treatments. When the cancer altered her breathing and sapped her energy, her family knew it was time to let her go. Skylar passed peacefully at home with her family by her side.

Tell us about Skylar: We adopted Skylar when she was 2 1/2 shortly after the loss of our golden 'granddog' Payton. Jewel our younger adopted golden. Jewel was about 3 1/2 at the time. Skylar was shy at first and a little skitish and nervous. That did not last long. Skylar and Jewel bonded quickly. They were very attached.

They loved to play together and run circles around the back yard. Skylar loved fetch especially with tennis balls. Food and treats were her favorites. She always cleaned her bowl. When the refrigerator opened both would appear from anywhere waiting for treats.

Skylar loved pets and the morning tummy rubs. Skylar and Jewel walked together all the time. They knew all the dogs and neighbors. Skylar was always ready for a walk or ride in the car. We had a special dog sitter who cared so much for Skylar and Jewel.

We had 7 1/2 joyful years with Skylar. We miss Skylar very much and so does Jewel.