Name: Shenanigans “Sheyna” Cavnar

Date of Passing: 08/31/2023

Message to Sheyna: Our beloved Sheyna Cavnar left this world peacefully, surrounded by her family.

Chaser of squirrels, herder of boys, collector of tennis balls, squirt-gun dance queen, volunteer lifeguard, neighborhood ambassador, postal greeter, legal secretary, backup singer, beloved sister, faithful companion. Eternally in our hearts.

Tell us about Sheyna: As a puppy Shey would carry a tennis ball in her mouth and bat two or three others around our condo, up and down the halls, getting into all kinds of interesting predicaments that made us laugh. She was at first scared of statutes, kids, and the vacuum cleaner; although she grew to love her three human brothers, herding them here and there around the house. Shenanigans was the name that perfectly captured her furry personality.