Name: Shadow

Date of Passing: 08/05/2022

Message to Shadow: In loving memory of Shadow, our Hound/Boxer Mix. Our family adopted her as a 4-6 mos old puppy after she was rescued roaming the streets in Waukegan. She received her name after she spent 3 days following her mom around the house to win her over; Shadow understood mom was not sure she wanted “a big dog” like she was obviously going to become. She won her over quickly and mom named her Shadow (“that went in and out with her”). The family knew her shelter name of Carla did not suit her! She took on the role of alpha. Luke and Jessi (her human siblings), Moxi, Batman, Winnie, Miss Mona (her fur siblings), and all who knew her adored her gentle demeanor.

Tell us about Shadow: Shadow loved to bark and proudly announce to the family every person and dog that passed by or arrived at the door. She loved swimming, going to the dog park, walks, drinking water, family trips, catching and throwing her tennis balls, taking care of keeping Moxi and Batman in line, playing with squeaky toys & stuffies, greeting her family every day, hanging outside, taking car rides going on fun adventures with her boy Luke, soulful connection moments with her special girl Jessi, a good petting, and of course...taking naps. She also loved treats, especially McDonalds hamburgers & pizza dad would sneak her, and all the things that “fell on the floor” when mom was in her cooking corner. We learned early on Shadow was one to never complain or speak up when she needed something or was in pain. She served her family daily and adored all who came to know her. She was a cancer survivor and hung on (at mom’s request) after surgery. Our family arrived at the difficult decision to assist her with crossing the rainbow bridge for her quality of life, overall health, and mobility declined and we needed to honor who she forever remains with dignity and lovingly let her go. She too knew it was time and gifted each of us beautiful memories (just as she always has) in our last week together. We were truly blessed to have had 14 years together, of loving each other through her well lived life. 14+ years for "mama's forever only big dog" was not enough time, but from what we have heard, unusual for a girl her size. We were the blessed ones for you hung in there until we all were ready. There truly is never enough time with those you love. Sweet were so very loved. Rest easy Wise One. ~Forever in our hearts, Mom, Dad, Luke, Jessi, Winnie, Batman, and Miss Mona.