Name: Shadow

Date of Passing: 06/28/2024

Tell us about Shadow: Shadow was an incredible, sweet Soul. She spent her younger years learning from her older sister Shiloh - following her, playing with her and as young sisters do, annoyed the heck out of her older sister.

Shadow very much earned and embodied her name, not only by her actions of trailing Shiloh but also due to her pitch black fur. In photos the only distinct thing you could see of her was her eyes, the rest all merged into the pitch blackness of her silky soft coat.

Shadow spent most of her life in south Florida basking in the hot sun and having out in the cool ocean breeze. She frolicked in her backyard chasing squirrels, birds, lizards and anything else that entered her territory. Although she wasn't super adventurous, her contentment in her yard showed when she was young. As an older pup she fully embraced traveling, once her older sister crossed the rainbow bridge.

Shadow learned to be the sole companion at her mother's side - once again being a Shadow, following her mom everywhere. Shadow adopted the habit of carrying her small blanket as a young pup and continued to do so into her older years. The muffled bark still rings in our ears as it was one of the cutest attributes of Shadow and made her incredibly unique. The joy and laughter that Shadow brought to our family will live on forever. May her Soul rest in peace ~