Name: Seth

Date of Passing: 07/15/2022

Message to Seth: My baby Seth was truly a unique cat. Many said he was more like a dog. He followed me around everywhere, loved to play hide and seek and liked to help me make my bed. He was constantly by my side and was my best friend. We had such a special bond and some of my fondest memories of him is him just sitting next to me and randomly putting a paw on me or when he would start purring just when I would look at him. I never had to be anyone other than myself to be accepted by him and he showed me unconditional love and forgiveness when I made mistakes. I also loved the way he would sometimes just stare at me adoringly for no reason. I am truly devastated at his passing but I am not without hope as I know we will be united in God’s Kingdom someday. I love you Seth, you can never be replaced and you will always be my baby.

Tell us about Seth: I was a depressed, friendless teenager when I convinced my mom to get me an Egyptian Mau cat since I loved ancient Egypt at the time. Seth is a biblical name. He loved his stuffed toys, tuna, and milk rings. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had 15 years with him.