Name: Seamus B.

Date of Passing: 04/06/2023

Message to Seamus: Seamus was the perfect dog for our family. A consummate gentlemen (at least most of the time), he was a joy to be around and exhibited much sensitivity and wisdom. Seamus enjoyed "his people" first and foremost and never turned down a walk, boat ride or cookie. He illustrated his love in many ways, and his kisses were an undeniable display of his connectedness and commitment. Brothers Ryan, Michael and Aedan loved him deeply, and he loved them! He became known as "the healing dog" in our household because whenever someone was down (suffering a cold, a sprained/broken limb or sadness), he sought them out and dutifully stayed close. When Seamus became a big brother to Louise (Frenchie), he was tolerant, gracious and quite accommodating. They became buddies who loved to play tug of war and run circuits around the living room.

Tell us about Seamus: Seamus joined us in December 2010 when he was just 8 weeks old, a true babe. We were privileged with the pleasure of each of his developmental stages, and he contributed immensely to family life. He will be sorely missed and always honored as the best Boston Terrier we will ever know. Rest in peace, Sweet Shaysh. We love you tremendously.