Name: Savannah

Date of Passing: 09/25/2023

Message to Savannah: Savannah (Savy) was a sassy girl! Very feisty who kept a schedule for morning and evening walk’s daily. She was my running partner for most of her years until walking was best for legs and hips. She chased all the rabbits chipmunks and squirrels out of the yard ! Barked with the best of them. Enjoyed her cookies after her morning walks and milk bones after evening walks . There was a count to how many, and she would let you know to keep them coming. She could shake and balance a cookie on her nose and then catch in her mouth 😃 She loved sniffing all the scents on walks as much as she loved sniffing flowers 💐 She helped Spring plantings but had to be careful as she loved grabbing a tray of flowers and running off chewing making a crinkly noise from the plastic container!! She always had a bandanna to wear and changed with the theme of the week, holiday and season!! She never minded putting on a Halloween costume stay it have been a red devil 👿 or bumble bee 🐝 and help hand out treats. Savy would wear her deer headband when watching The Sound of Music with me and at Christmas ! She always had a stocking hung on the fireplace that Santa would fill with goodies!!

Tell us about Savannah: Chuck was sitting around withe the guys enjoying a game and cold one shooting the shit when a friend mentioned his daughter’s labs are having puppies would anyone be interested? He would let Chuck know in a few weeks. Well that was forgotten and one Sunday watching a disappointing BEARS game Chuck received a call and said he had to go. Hour or so later he returns crawling on his knees talking a sweet encouraging talk like coaxing something and out came a little black puppy Lab. He said he knew which out of the litter to pick when this pup sat on his foot!! 😄 Then we surprised our son Charlie and brought the pup down stairs where he was gaming…Oh what a surprise and shout of joy. Savannah walked up to his lap and curled up snuggling Charlie’s hoodie ❣ I gave the family time to think of names for this cute but feisty pup, but nothing really stuck. Though Savannah was from Chattanooga TN and because our favorite place to visit is Savannah GA that is how she got her name…a place that we loved so dearly fitting for the newest family member ❤