Name: Sandy

Date of Passing: 03/25/2024

Message to Sandy: I used to love to say that Sandy was a lot smarter than she let on. It became a running gag in our house. The truth is that she was incredibly smart at times. And she was a kind and loving companion to everyone in our household full of unconditional love.

Tell us about Sandy: Sandy won the doggie lottery when it came to owners just as much as we were blessed with the sweetest smartest dog one could want. My wife and I both work mostly from home so Sandy was hardly ever left alone. We never needed to board her either as my brother-in-law would exchange dog housing with us or my son would stay with her at our house.

Everyone who ever came in contact with Sandy was immediately struck by how sweet she was. And Sandy loved everyone! Well...not so much other dogs, especially if they were leashed. But she loved roaming freely at the dog park.

She was also our daughter's childhood pet from age seven on. She was loved by many and will be missed terribly.