Name: Samson

Date of Passing: 10/26/2023

Message to Samson: Oh Samson... I knew this day was coming for a while. I've dreaded even the thought of losing you. But here we are. Everyone said how lucky you were to have had such a long life, but I was the lucky one. I got you for 15 incredible years. Almost half my life. My pain has just begun, but your pain is over. You can rest now, Sammers.

Tell us about Samson: I got Samson when I was in highschool. He just looked like a Sam to me, and somehow over the years I kept adding middle names and they all stuck. His full name ended up being Samson Anthony Francis Jeremy Edward Shannon. But he'll always be my Sammers. Sam was a Mama's boy through and through. If I was on the couch, he was laying right next to me. Anywhere I went in the house he would follow me, every time I opened the bathroom door after a shower he was laying right there, and anytime I sat on the floor - no matter how big he got - he instantly sat on my lap (we always said, "if he fits, he sits!"). Sam's been there for my high school, undergrad, and masters graduations, my wedding, buying a house, and my first furless baby. It breaks my heart that he missed his newest little human brother by 2 months. He struggled for a while and we did everything we could to help him without a second thought. He deserved the world. You're leaving behind your pack, Sammers, but you'll always be with us. <3