Name: Sal

Date of Passing: 12/07/23

Message to Sal: Sal was such a lover. He was playful and silly. fluffy and cuddly. He was always a cure for sadness. His furry belly would warm up the room as he rolls on the floor asking for belly rubs, and if nothing else, you could often still find him just hanging out where ever you were.

Tell us about Sal: Sal and I met in 2008 at a PetSmart where a local shelter was set up for the day. His name was Auggie at the time. I was told his siblings were adopted earlier, before I arrived. I picked him up, and he embraced me, so naturally I didn't bother looking any further, and I adopted him. I wanted his name to be Sal however, after one of my favorite artists (Salvador Dali) instead.

Fetch was an early game we played, but he lost interest soon after. He wasn't no sucker. He always loved chasing a string, especially if it involved jumping on furniture, and landing on pillows and blankets. He'd really get into it. Eventually we moved into a condo where there was a small shared courtyard in the back, and Sal finally got a taste of the outside world. He was curious, comfortable, and playful. Many of our neighbors enjoyed seeing him. But it wasn't until we moved into a house where Sal got a taste of the good life. We had an entire fenced-in backyard. He'd roll over for belly rubs in the sun every time he stepped out. It took him a bit to get past his fear of the grass, but once he discovered it wasn't anything to fear, he'd run around in it, finding little bugs to play with, and vegetation to rub his scent on. Inside, we had carpeted stairs, which was something he discovered in the old condo building, and he loved it! we'd play chase on the stairs all the time. He loved running up and down the stairs catching his little mice.

Sal routinely would join me in bed a couple hours before my alarm was scheduled, and would lay next to me and my face. Most of the times waking me up with his cold wet nose booping my own; or patting me with his front paw. We always had good morning cuddles in bed, and evening cuddles either on the couch or in the lawn chair if the weather was nice.

When my mom passed away, he was a perfect companion, always around to uplift or just be a friend, and that was who he was to me.