Name: Saffron

Date of Passing: 06/22/2022

Message to Saffron: In cherished memory of a sweet cat named Saffron. Her mom got her when she was around a year old and they had 14 years together. When she went to look at cats, Saffron made a little noise and stuck her paw out to get attention. When her mom met with her, she immediately climbed up on her shoulder. From day one, her mom was her person and she only tolerated a few others. She was a beautiful girl with dilute tortoiseshell coloring. She had a big personality and went by many nicknames including ‘The Baroness’, though she did not respond to all of them. Her mom liked to sing to her and she would sometimes glare at her when she didn’t like it. She loved to lay in the sunlight and her home was set up so she could move from window to window to follow the sun. Her mom took great care of her, especially when she was diagnosed with cancer. When her health worsened, she did not want her to suffer. Resting comfortably beside her mom, she passed peacefully.

Tell us about Saffron: For a day or so i was weighing lots of names -- looking up words in Japanese, names and other monikers, but no response. none of them felt right. around the end of day three, i was in the kitchen making dinner, and i opened the spice cabinet. a small bag of saffron threads was right in front and i paused. i said aloud, Saffron. behind me, Saffron said Meow. i turned and smiled at her, choosing her own name. that was who she was.