Name: Sadie

Date of Passing: 08/01/2022

Message to Sadie: We will always remember Sadie for her quirky personality, her funny smile and prance when she greeted us and as the best cuddler ever.

Tell us about Sadie: We adopted Sadie to be a companion to our then very energetic one year old lab hound mix. They guessed she was about 3 years old. Poor girl was severely underweight, had worms, fleas and ehrlichiosis. In spite of being unwell, not spade or house trained and a bit distrustful, we were magnetically drawn to her. She quickly became healthy and part of our family. She had a funny personality and an incredibly special way of making you feel loved. She enjoyed running (very fast!) along the fence with the neighbor's dog and cuddling/being pet on the couch at the end of the day.