Sadie T

Name: Sadie

Date of Passing: 06/06/2023

Message to Sadie: Sadie, you will never be forgotten. We know we only had a short time with you, however we loved you greatly and already miss your companionship. You were a good dog.

Tell us about Sadie: We adopted Sadie from Albert's Lounge when she was around 13 years old. She was an older dog with a very strong personality. She was somebody's pet at some point in the past as she had a lot of experience and knew the ropes of living with humans. We had adopted another dog (Odin) a few months prior. She helped him become more comfortable living in a house with people. She taught him some tricks and how to beg for food.

She was a very independent dog and would only accept help if she absolutely couldn't do something herself. When she got older she lost mobility and the usage of her rear legs. She could scoot around our house and yard, but going for walks proved difficult. We started putting her in our wagon and bringing her along on walks and she really liked going to parks where she could get out and smell the area.

Sadie was a clever and funny dog that loved being around her pack. She loved laying out in our backyard catching some sun rays and would bark when she wanted to come in. She enjoyed traveling and going for car rides. She really just wanted to be with her family.