Name: Sadie

Date of Passing: 08/04/2023

Tell us about Sadie: Sadie came into my life 17 years ago and from the first day we met, we were buddy’s for life. She was full of energy and had the biggest personality of any dog I have ever known. She was always by my side during low days and the greatest of great days. She always knew how to cheer me up or even motivate me to go on a run with her. People ask how she got her name and to be honest I just looked at her and said “you look like a Sadie”. Sadie had so many things that she loved to do weather it was chase squirrels, lounge around, walk the park, or patiently wait for me to get to the bottom of a McDonald’s back so she could have the fries that fell to the bottom of the bag (bag fries as we called them were her favorite). She was always the diva of the room and people loved that about her and I loved that about her. When she wasn’t getting her way she was quick to give you the side eye and might I add the best side eye I had ever seen. I will miss your kisses that you would give or your grunts whenever someone would rub inside your ears. You’re now up in heaven as you crossed the rainbow bridge and Jack eagerly awaits you on the other side to come play with him again to run the fields hunting squirrels being the goofs you were. I miss you tremendously already baby girl and I can’t wait for the day to have you wag your excited tail as you come running to me with jack and we are finally together again for all eternity. Goodbye baby girl your guard is over and you can now finally relax in peace.