Name: Sadie

Date of Passing: 04/23/2023

Message to Sadie: Sadie, you were a much beloved member of our family from the time we first met you until we had to say our final goodbyes. You were truly my heart dog. You were a comfort and my constant companion day and night. I know you loved all of us and were happiest when everyone in our family was home and nearby so you could watch over us. We were devastated when we were told you had cancer and the short amount of time you had left with us. I know you and Kyle always had a special bond. The trips he made back from Minneapolis each weekend for 8 weeks to spend time with you were such a comfort for you as well as to me. Our family made the decision to make the remaining time the happiest we could for you. No matter what, you still had kisses to give us and smiles to reassure us. Run free sweet baby girl. Reunite with your old pal Skippy and meet those that came before you: Missy, Nick, Mandi and Corky. We will always love you and miss you everyday until we meet again. Love, Mommy

Tell us about Sadie: In May, 2012 we brought Sadie home from the breeder. She was 8 weeks old and so adorable. We also had a 6 year old Sheltie named Skippy. The two lived and played together until we had to say goodbye to him in November, 2019. Sadie enjoyed being wherever we were. When we would leave for work or to go to the store, Sadie always greeted us at the door, barking and dancing around, just happy to see us. When Covid hit and I was working from home, Sadie was my faithful companion. She laid by my desk while I worked.

Sadie had a special bond with our youngest son Kyle. When he went off to college, she looked for him and got very excited when he came home. Last year, Sadie had a special weekend visit with Kyle and his roommate and his dog Cora at their apartment in Minneapolis. She got to be a “city dog” and go on walks in his neighborhood.

Sadie loved her toys to cuddle with, especially lamb chop and her rhinoceros. Every night after her last trip outside, she would run upstairs to go to bed in our room and get her “night night cookie”. Sadie especially enjoyed getting little tastes of what we were eating, especially Sunday morning breakfast that my husband made. She hated when we would go on vacation. I would try to sneak my packing because I believe she knew what was going on and would get sad. Her dog sitter, Irene, had cared for her since she was a baby, and once Sadie got to her house, she was happy to be there. When I worked from home and then was retired, I only dressed up if I was going out somewhere. I think she realized I was going to leave by the different clothes and makeup I would put on. Sadie was a very smart girl. When our oldest son and his wife had twins in 2021, she was very gentle with them each time she saw them. Sadie was always so sweet and affectionate, also always ready to cuddle and give kisses.