Name: Saber

Date of Passing: 01/16/2024

Message to Saber: We knew the moment we met you, you were destined to be part of our family. You watched over your kids and us for over 14 years. We miss you every single day but we know you are getting McDonalds ice cream with Granny and pizza with Ma! You will forever be in our .

Tell us about Saber: We knew your name before we knew you. Your boy had a stuffed animal named Saber, so we knew it would be yours. We had just lost Maddie, and I wasn’t sure about another dog. Dad had always wanted a shepherd, and he knew he wanted a rescue dog. We found a German Shepherd rescue in Wisconsin. They had a mama shepherd who just had babies, so we went to check them out. You fell asleep on Dad's lap so it was a done deal. We came back a week later with the kids to get you. You were so loved by all of us!