Name: Riley Bug Reyes

Date of Passing: 03/04/2024

Message to Riley: Riley Bug Reyes (April 4, 2010 – March 4, 2024) You are forever in our hearts.

Tell us about Riley:

You came into our house a short 7 years ago in Sept 2016. You are our only foster failure. You had never lived in a home but decided that our living room sofa was certainly a good place to call your own. We had everyone stand still or sit down so you could enjoy your meals. Any movement would cause you to spook.

You were a toy shredder in your youth but still enjoyed shredding a Kleenex today. You were a bossy girl! We could only walk around the block the same direction and same side of the street or you would protest. If we washed your lookout bed between the living room and kitchen you would show us your displeasure. Rain or snow meant the bathroom was now the rug next to the door instead of out there. If it took too long to come up to bed you would keep pacing around indicating the need to go up the staircase. You had trouble with your knees but if it was time for food or you needed our attention you would let out your deep bark and all four feet would leave the floor as you jumped.

You were a mother to many of our fosters, sometimes even allowing them to sit on you. Leo chose you when he would not leave us alone about your ears. He would stick his nose in your ear and whine at us. He never was that concerned about the others. You became my shadow, never allowing me to be far. I had to have someone hold you when I went out the front door or you would leave an upset puddle. When you were really happy you would let out one little howl that was so sweet.

You left us on your terms by deciding you preferred the sofa to your favorite look out bed to say your last goodbye. Enjoy all the tuna, salmon, strawberries, mango, treats and cheese you can eat. I know you will be waiting for me with all the other cockers when my time comes.