Name: Rhaegar

Date of Passing: 09/02/2023

Message to Rhaegar: In loving memory of a gentle giant named Rhaegar, who was a Doberman. Rhaegar was adopted when he was 4 and was the most perfect fit for his family. He was known as mom’s protector and dad’s buddy; his dad always gave him the best ear scratches. After Rhaegar was adopted, his family worked really hard to get him in shape because he had a few extra groceries on him. Rhaegar wasn’t upset about his new lifestyle - he loved his diet and even loved walking on the treadmill for extra exercise. Rhaegar learned the life of love and care, and he always had so much love to give in return.

He never had a favorite toy - he loved them all and truly preferred to spend time with his parents. One of his favorite activities was chasing the squirrels in the backyard and finding the rabbit holes. The squirrels always teased him by running along top of the fence.

More recently, his human sister had moved back to Illinois with her husband and son. Rhaegar and her son became inseparable. Rhaegar loved to sit by the high chair, waiting for his buddy to toss him an extra snack. Rhaegar was so naturally gentle with him; it was a bond unlike any other.

Last summer, Rhaegar’s family was told that he only had 6 more months. Rhaegar was such a strong boy and hung around for another year. Recently, his health has started to rapidly decline. His family made the brave decision to say goodbye. As Rhaegar crossed the rainbow bridge, he was surrounded by the love of his family in the serenity of a beautiful summer morning. You will be missed, beloved Rhaegar.

Tell us about Rhaegar: We adopted Rhaegar, whose original name was Raine, from the Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus group. Rhaegar's name comes from the Game of Throne series because we wanted to give him a strong name.