Name: Barron Rexford Von Earpoint Blacknose Schmitt the IV

Date of Passing: 05/05/2024

Message to Rex: Rex May 7th 2012 - May 5th 2024

It’s time to take off the leash and let him go ahead on some adventures in peace. There are open fields to run, wild forests to explore, winding paths to smell and warm shallow ponds with slow fish to study. The big guy is loved and will always be missed.

We will meet up again in the other side and we can sit together while you catch me up to speed. #woof #wuff #rainbowbridge

Rex the gentleman, a beautiful soul and a hero pup passed peacefully in the backyard surrounded by family on a warm sunny day.

Nothing made his tail wag harder than hanging out with his people and his people was anyone he met.

"..the place you live is that much more drab and empty that they're gone"

Survived by Bishop and preceded to the bridge by Puff, Jade, Frisky, Heidi, Mr. Kit, Grace, Dasher, Fiona & Blitzen.

Undefeated in all weight classes.

Tell us about Rex: He was a good boy, a good friend and a good brother. We were the luckiest family to have gotten the years we had with him and yet it will never be enough.